Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nachos (with, of course, cranberries)

I like nachos. They are filling, moderately healthy (if you throw enough vegetables on them—I say this as someone with an active lifestyle who needs a lot of calories) and above all, tasty. The other night I set about making nachos and decided that, in the spirit of this page, I'd see how cranberries fit in. The answer: quite well, thank you.

Tortilla chips
Sharp cheddar cheese
Monterrey Jack or similar cheese
Black beans (canned or cooked)
Onions (cooked, optional)
Peppers (cooked, optional)

Toppings for dipping:
Sour cream

I've left off quantities because you can make nachos as big or small as you want. Fair warning: you have to eat them hot (although they can be reheated, but not in a microwave, or if you've added toppings). Once they come out of the oven, you have about 20 minus before the cheese cools and they lose everything that makes them special.

When I have nachos, I always make them multi-layered. Chips, toppings, cheese, chips, toppings, cheese. With cranberries, mix them with black beans (don't bother chopping them, they'll pop and ooze as it gets hot) and top with cheese and such. Cook at 400˚ until the cheese is nicely browned.

I didn't try these with guacamole because I a) couldn't find a ripe avocado and b) didn't know if the cranberries would clash with it. But with the tanginess of the little red berries. it needs little more flavor.

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